Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Vacancies in Different Ministries / Departments - DoPT

Sunday, August 12, 2018

RR ji retirement Felicitation, AIAPS TN CWC, Joint Divisional conference

Dear AIAPS divisional secretaries beloved members

 On 25.08.2018 to 27.08.2018 three days CWC, RR JI retirement facilitation, and Joint divisional conference to the divisions election is due.

Open session on 26.08.2018 at 09.30hrs, RR Ji retirement facilitation function along with CWC and Joint divisional conference for due divisions, will be held at Cuddalore Town Hall.

Pl intimate your division participants list to claim special CL on 25.8.18 and 27.8.18.

Brotherly yours,
General Secretary

Friday, June 22, 2018

Meeting at directorate !!!

Dear Brothers and sisters,

      AIAPS GS was invited by the directorate to attend a meeting at Dak Bhawan on 29th June 2018 1100 hrs.

      On that day we may have discussion with Secretary Posts regarding Postmaster Cadre restructuring and other issues pending with directorate.

With regards,

Monday, May 28, 2018

AIAPS Informal meetings at tamilnadu!!!

AIAPS representatives  had informal meeting with Staff section, Circle office and DPS CCR for the issues of 8 officials in one stroke. All are succesful.

1.  Pending case of Shri.Nateshan had now promoted to PM III and got favorable place.

2. Smt.Akila may have willing place and promotion as expected though declination letter was obtained.

3. On receipt of Smt.Deepa declination, following officials request will be processed favorably.

a. Shri JaiGanesh will get reallotment shortly to CCR.

b. Shri. Stanley will get reallotment shortly to WR

c. Smt. Dhanalakshmi will get reallotment shortly to CR.

d. Shri.Bhuvaneshan will get reallotment to WR shortly.

4. Shri. Manivannan PM I will get CCR and will be posted at viyasarbadi first. then his further request will be considered favorably.

Thanks to the DPS CCR for his benovalent act towards members request in all means.

Affectionately yours
Genl Secty
C.S (Addl charge).
Chennai 600086.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

AIAPS circulars on GDS strike!!!

AIAPS circular Dated 10.05.2018

AIAPS stand on GDS strike followed by other P3/P4 unions

After gone thoroughly with the prevailing situations of GDS prolonged struggles, other unions stand and beloved AIAPS CHQ office bearers opinions,  following are the AIAPS association stand on GDS strike....

1. Yes, GDS are the back bone of our DOP to reach nook and corner of our nation, and the only media to transform any project of our government to any corner of our nation. 

2. Hence to such important GDS cadre, AIAPS conveys our pleasure that all the unions are joining together one by one to a single moto (GDS pay commission positive recommendation's earliest implementation).

3. In most of the circles, GDS unions had announced strike and in some circles, P3/P4 unions also announced strike.

4. Hence *if all the P3/P4 unions are announced strike including GDS unions at any circle,* then concerned AIAPS circle secretaries are freed to take their own decision to join or not in the strike announced on 22.5.18 after following stripluated guidelines on the matter.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Needs to purchase Swamys publications books with 10% discount?

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

PO and RMS Accountant syllabus paper I and II portion to study

                                  Paper I ( With Books)  3  Hours  100  Marks

Part I

FRS 1 to 56

SRS 1 to 203

CCS ( Joining Time) Rules 1979

CCS ( Leave) Rules 1972

CCS( Pension) Rules 1972

GPF (CS) Rules 1960

Part II

DA , HRA , CCA, CEA and allowance to GDS employees


                                 Paper II ( With Books)  3  Hours  100  Marks

Part I

1  FHB Volume  I   & Volume  II

2.  P & T Mannual Volume II( Chapter iV,V,VII, VIII,IX, X, XII)

3. Schedule of financial powers of department of Posts

Part II

P & T manual Vol VI Chapter  I , II, VII, XII, XVI, XVII

Postal manual Volume VI part II  & III ( Relating to MOs , IPOs , BPOs Sub accountants & Accounts is SOs)