Wednesday, September 28, 2016

AIAPS will submit the PM Cadre restructure revised proposal shortly.!!!

Dear Postmasters,

       We are all much aware that PM cadre restructure proposal was returned by the Department of Expenditure by mentioning not completion of 5 years by the newly created PM Cadre while it was submitted. Hence Department is in the move of resubmitting the cadre restructure proposal. 

     For that revised proposal was prepared by  the Team AIAPS and same shall be submitted to the directorate within 2 days. After submission scanned copy of the same shall be published shortly.

   At present draft copy was published below for the PM cadre officials kind reference.....

        The Honorable Secretary Posts,
        Department of Posts,
        Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
        New Delhi – 110001

        Sub : Request to implement the Postmaster Cadre restructure immediately since glaring anomaly “One work two Pay” is raising because of not implementing the Postmaster Cadre restructure along with Group C cadre restructure- reg
          Ref 1: This association letter even no AIAPS/GS/CHQ Corr/15-16  dated at New Delhi the 18.06.2016
Ref 2: Group – C cadre restructure D.G. Post letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27th May, 2016.
        Ref 3: Para ‘F’ of Cadre restructure bilateral agreement with department and staff side dated 28.04.2014

Respected sir,

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AIAPS(GL) has submitted the Postmaster Cadre proposal while the formal meeting held with Tamilnadu Circle Administration

Dear Postmasters,
          AIAPS - Tamilnadu Circle office bearers are requested to attend the formal meeting regarding Group C cadre restructure implementation at Tamilnadu circle to share our suggestions. In addition to the Group C cadre restructure, We have firmly pressurized the issue "Same work for Same Pay concept" for Postmaster Grade I/II/III at par with HSG II/HSG I/HSG I(NFG) respectively. So requested the Tamilnadu Circle administration to implement the Group_C cadre restructure along with Postmaster Cadre.            Along with the discussion proposal is also submitted to the Hon'ble CPMG Tamilnadu Circle with copy to the DPS(HQ). Proposal copy is submitted for the kind information to our Postmaster cadre friends and AIAPS members.             Every Circle AIAPS Circle office bearers are requested to submit the proposal to pressurize the Postmaster Cadre restructure issue.

26.09.2016 AIAPS and Tamilnadu Circle Administration formal Cadre restructure meeting

Official side :
1.DPS (HQ)
2.APMG (Staff)
Officials of establishment section and recruitment cell

Staff side :
1. K.Ayyavoo Circle secretary 
2. K.Kalimuthu Regional secretary

Subjects discussed

1. Cadre restructure of Postmaster cadre :

  Proposal was submitted and Circle administration is agreed that glaring anomaly will be arose as "One work two Pay" for HSG II and PM Grade I. Moreover PM cadre cannot be placed at par with LSG since LSGs (Single handed and Double handed SOs SPMs) promotion eligibility is 5 years PA service only where as PM cadre officials are recruited by 5 years PA service and in addition to that  they have to clear the Limited Departmental competitive examination with merit.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

One more success to the unity of Tamilnadu Postmasters - Circle office is requested to attend the cadre restructure meeting to put forth our PM Cadre issues.

Dear Postmasters,

         As a recognized association All India Association of Postal Supervisors(GL) was also requested to participate in the meeting by the Circle Administration to discuss about the Group C cadre restructure on 26.09.2016 at 1030hrs.

        As Postmaster Grade I is also coming under the category of Group-C we will firmly demand to upgrade the Postmaster Grade I. Postmaster Grade II/III posts will automatically be upgraded under cadre restructure. Submitted proposal will be published shortly.



From                                                    To 
          The  Chief  Postmaster General,         The  Postmasters    General, 
          Tarnilnadu   Circle,                            Chennai City  Region -  Chennai  2 
          Chennai    600  002. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What is the success of joining with AIAPS????

 Because  of the recognized forum of All India Association of Postal Supervisors, we have already taken the following cases too and pursuing continuously to get fruitful results. Think wise friends. If remaining Postmasters are also joined with AIAPS, we could reach even the sky. 

1. Confirmation orders to the Postmaster Grade I and II - even after the lapses of 5 years confirmation order is yet to be given.

2. Circle gradation list is yet to be circulated for this year 2016. After 2012, 2014 circle gradation list of Postmaster Grade was not circulated.

3. Many officials are victimized by barring the promotion by mentioning the censure and currency period completed punishments while conducting DPCs

4. Induction training was not given to those joined in the PM Grade I posts during 2015.

5. Adhoc promotion to the posts of Postmaster Grade II 


Dear Postmasters,

              One time relaxation promotion prolonged pending case of the Postmasters was taken with the Four monthly meeting subject and formal reply was given by the Circle Administration is produced below. 

              We are started to function full fledged and we are getting Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and ofcourse Four Monthly meeting with the Administration.

               Without recognised forum, we cannot attain these results and cannot get authenticate replies. So friends think wise and be united. Dont running behind with court cases and please join with your hands with AIAPS. Nothing in the name of the association but functioning sounds a lot.

Authenticated reply of the hon'ble Chief Postmaster General is produced below for our members kind reference.

Department of Posts
O/o the Chief Postmaster General, T.N. Circle, Chennai 600 002

Minutes of the Four Monthly meeting held by the Chief PMG with All India Association of Postal Supervisor (GL) in the Conference Hall of the O/o the Chief Postmaster General on 30th  Aug’16

The following were present:

Monday, September 19, 2016

Video Presentation on GDS

Postal Dept to recruit 55,000 gramin dak sevaks

The Departments of Posts plans to recruit around 55,000 Grameen Dak Sevaks through online mode in November, B.V Sudhakar, Secretary, Department of Posts, said.

Addressing a Press Conference here on Friday, Sudhakar informed that the software required for online recruitment is at the testing stage and the online method will ensure transparency in this recruitment.

Anomaly in pay fixation on MACP II

Eg.  Employees getting MACP – 2 promotion on PA/SA cadre this year are fixed at the Basic pay of 50600/- .  Whereas those will be promoted next year will be fixed with the Basic Pay of 47600/-. A single increment difference in service shows three increment differences in new pay matrix.

 Those at Basic pay of 16990 by this 1st July,  are with basic pay of 44100 , with two addition increments  next year this will goes to 46800/- in 2800 grade pay  and will be sit at the basic pay of 47600/- in 4200 column with a  hike of 800/-.

The issue arises because of the grade pay differences with the multiplication factor in pay matrix table

Postmaster Cadre restructure query to team AIAPC

Dear Team AIAPC....

      We should appreciate your efforts towards the concerns and emotions of the Postmaster cadre. But the information received from DTE is not true and not at all consoling too.

      As a AIAPS team we also moved with directorate we already had received a positive reply. So We are in anguish towards the results of PM Cadre and very exact reason for delaying the PM cadre expressed by the Directorate is very pathetic.

      Query of common postmasters and team AIAPS are produced below. Kindly keep the same too while moving towards this issue.
Information gathered by AIAPC
Query of Common Postmasters and Team AIAPS
ADG, Estt-1(PE1)

Cadre Restructuring of PM Cadre
Our team visited here basically for Cadre Restructuring of PM Cadre The ADG Est-1 was on leave. During the discussion held at this section, it has come to the notice that the CR process of RMS & SBCO is going on.
TeamAIAPC also informed that already an internal meeting was held at the Directorate regarding CR of remaining cadres. In this meeting it was resolved that as PM Cadre has not yet completed its minimum service for 5 yrs required for CR, hence the CR for PM Cadre could not preformed at this time. An extract of DOPT’s instruction in this regard is reproduced below:
Cadre review is an important aspect of cadre management. It ensures a healthy balance between the functional requirements of an organisation and legitimate career aspirations of its officers. The thrust of such an exercise is on scientific manpower projection and recruitment planning in order to rationalise the cadre structure as also to enhance efficiency, morale and effectiveness of the service/cadre. In terms of the extant guidelines, ideal periodicity of cadre review is once every five years.

However, we have been assured that after completion of RMS & SBCO etc., the CR of PM Cadre will be considered in favourable manner. We provided all of our logics while discussion, but we was advised by the concerned section that all of our anomaly must be re-submitted in proper manner with all grievances at the end of December-2016 or starting of January -2017.
1. If so, PM cadre was introduced during December 2010 itself. Already 5 years 9 months are gone. There is no question of completion of 5 years.

2. If so in the discussions of Cadre restructure of official and staff side PM cadre proposal was also discussed and we already had a bilateral agreement to consider the PM Cadre proposal on the light of the same at par with Group-C.

3. If so Group-C norm based LSG posts would be placed with G.P Rs.4200 but the same norm based LSG posts - PM cadre offices shall be kept with G.P Rs.2800/-. 
If so Then same work but different discriminated pay to Postmasters. Isnt it?

Why these conflicts?
So Dear team AIAPC....

           You have mentioned that 3 years was wasted by childish manner. If so you are also doing the same running towards court cases instead of functioning under a recognised forum. Already two years wasted by you too. For the past one year single hearing was taken place in the jodhpur court case.

           Above all why not even interim orders hon'ble court was not pressed by your team? Court itself had ordered to not to decide anything about Postmaster cadre until the final outcome of that jodhpur court case in the membership verification process 2015. That order is itself not pressed by the team AIAPC. What is the purpose of court trials are being conducted by you?