Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One more success to AIAPS(TN) - Postmaster Grade II promotion orders!!!

Without applying the one time relaxation conditions, Postmaster Grade II promotion order was issued to those who have already completed 6 years service as on 01.4.2017. Now as per the cut off date 01.04.2017 and as per the DOPT guidelines, after applying one time relaxation conditions, second list of promotion is expecting with regular basis, as per the one time relaxation conditions.

Monday, April 17, 2017

PM Grade II willingness second list !!!

Dear promotion due Postmaster Grade I officers of Tamilnadu Circle....

   Please submit willingness/unwilling immediately to speed up the process. During first list also, some divisions not compiled the willingness list, resulting unnecessary delay in PM Grade II postings. Previously it was 21 posts vacant and now because of PM Grade III promotion orders, PM Grade II vacancies are arose to 30 approximately.

    So AIAPS suggests to give willingness to the first 30 members as per the reservation list. For remaining persons, giving willingness/unwilling is purely their choice.

    All the best.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

AIAPS - Journey of success towards debarred promotion case at Tamilnadu circle!!!

Dear Postmasters of Tamilnadu Circle,

       We are very happy to inform you all that, the case of promotion debarment by mentioning the censure and completed punishments is now settled. Because mentioning such censure, and completed punishments, senior officials were unable to get their due promotion for almost three years!!!

         We would like to convey our sincere thanks to the honorable CPMG sir, respected DPS(HQ), staff branch and entire circle administration to taste victory in the 3 years pending issue.

       Towards this victory, we have almost crossed all the barriers and the following are the important dates and attempts to achieve such huge task.

1. From 2014, Many officials promotion were held up by mentioning  completed punishments and even censure.
2. Because of that even after served 10 years in Postmaster Grade I and II cadre (including LSG line service) many officials were unable to get their due promotions.
3. All the aggrieved officials had represented against that and to most of them, administration had replied that their service was not satisfactory.
4. AIAPS had taken that subject as a prime subject of our cadre for the welfare of our PM cadre seniors and submitted a letter on 30.08.2016.
5. We had visited again to the circle office on 26.09.2016 and requested to promote the debarred officials as per the norms. 
6. But we had received reply that to just distinguish the good workers and punished workers, their promotions were held up. 
7. For that we had discussed elaborately that Postmaster cadre is highly responsible cadre and most of the punishments were not directly indulged by the concerned Postmasters. More over we have conveyed that, who ever and what ever the mistakes done in Postmasters unit, it was directly affecting the Postmasters. Administration and staff side had discussed the rulings regarding that case and explained the staff side part very elaborately on 26.09.2016 and mentioned the circle office 2015 order also which mandated to promote the officials who were awarded with censure and other completed punishments.
8. Administration is assured to settle the case positively on that day.
9. Again on 23.11.2016 AIAPS-team paid a visit to the circle office, reminded and requested about the pending debarment case to the administration.
10. On 19.12.2016, we have represented the letter with detailed officials list, whose promotions were held up.
11. Again on 02.01.2017 AIAPS-team had paid a courtesy visit to the circle office again and requested about the pending debarment issue to the CPMG sir and pressed further because of the monitory loss to our PM cadre members.
12. Because of the continuous efforts made by the AIAPS-TN team and the circle administration's regards on our AIAPS association genuine demands, on 11.04.2017 now debarred officials, promotion order was also released by the circle administration.
13. We are once again much privileged to thank the circle administration towards the responses to our requests and within 8 months of time we had brought the promotion to the debarred officials. We made full stop to the prolonged 3 years waiting of the some senior officials.
14. Promotion order is shared below for the esteemed members knowledge. Some of the debarred officials also got their due promotions.
15. Thanks for the support dear Postmasters

AIAPS Western Regional PMs Meeting on 16.04.2017 at Salem HPO

Dear Postmasters and AIAPS Office bearers of Western Region (TN)....

   U r all well aware of our AIAPS union achievements and settled all the pending subjects of our cadre  at Tamilnadu Circle. In addition to that CHQ is in full swing towards this cadre grievances and struggling in various ways to fetch out success in all long pending cases. AIAPS turned out to be a fully functioning Union and getting all the due rights from divisional to directorate level.

    In this juncture to enroll the left out PMs of 2016 campaign, two regional level meetings were planned at CCR and W.R.

  March 19th (Sunday) AIAPS chennai city regional level meeting was successfully held at triplicane post office. Many PMs/LSG officials/office bearers/special invitees were attended the meeting enthusiastic manner and graced the occasion.

  Now for the western region all Postmaster Grade / LSG officials are cordially invited to attend the meeting at Salem HPO on 16.04.17 at 0930hrs.

Land mark: Salem old bus stand.

  Western left out Regional /divisional bodies  will be constituted on that meeting.

  This year 2017-18, all the PM Grade officials have to be united in AIAPS to achieve many more success like 2016-17.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy news!!! Long pending debarred promotion case is now settled by AIAPS!!! Tamilnadu circle Postmaster Grade III promotion order

Dear Postmasters,
          Because of the continuous efforts of AIAPS, debarred officials also have got their due promotion. AIAPS convey best wishes to all of them.

          Lets be united and strong under AIAPS!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

AIAPS had submitted suggestions/comments to the directorate to ease the transfer procedures to PA/SA/PM CADRE/LSG CADRE and as well as IP cadre

Dear Postal Friends, 

        Department had required to know about our Supervisor Association suggestions and comments regarding the amendments in the transfer policy. The following letter is submitted to the directorate to ease the transfer procedures.

           Directorate proposed transfer policy letter is also submitted at the end of our association letter.

(Recognized by Govt. of India P & T Board New Delhi Order No. 13/28/68 SR dated 21.04.1970
CHQ : SRT Nagar P.O Building (IV floor). Opp. Meghdoot Bhawan, New Delhi-55

PRESIDENT                                       GENERAL SECRETARY                     TREASURER
K.T.SHESHADRI                         MANOJ BHARDWAJ            VINAY BHATNAGAR
Postmaster Grade I                                          A.P.M                                        S.P.M.DISTT BOARD P.
Egmore,– 600008 (T.N)                       NOIDA H.P.O– 201301(U.P)                  BIJNOR – 246701(U.P)
Mob:09444625336,                             Mob:09910889554, 09319317089      Mob : 09837123688
       09043927257                               Email:gs.aiaps@gmail.com                  Landline:01342-28268
Ref:AIAPS/GS/Transfer Policy/17-18         dated at New Delhi          10th Apr 2017    

        The Honorable Secretary Posts,
        Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
        New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Review of ‘Transfer Policy’ – invitation of suggestion/comments from staff associations – reg
Reference: Directorate letter no F.No. 141-141/2013-SPB-II dated at Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg the 28th March 2017.
Respected sir,
        1. Kindly refer the above directorate reference, this association was required to provide suggestions/comments for the existing transfer policy of our department circulated vide directorate No. 141-141/2013-SPB-II dated at Dak Bhawan the 31st January 2014.

        2. It is very glad to see such initiatives from our department to relax the transfer policy guidelines and as well as seeking the service association suggestions also before making such amendments in the above said transfer policy.

3. For that this association would like to suggest the following amendments for the peaceful career of our prestigious department’s officials.
Sl. No
Existing policy provisions
Existing policy
Department suggestion
Service association suggestion / comments
Para 2.I.(v)
Transfers may be permitted only to the declared vacancies. OC candidate with OC candidate  and SC with SC candidate
Rule 38 Mutual/One way transfers may kindly be allowed to apply within any category OC/OBC/SC/ST candidates and as well as promote and direct recruits. Such existing restriction may kindly be removed and there would be no harm   or legal issues if those category vacancies are adjusted in concerned transferred division’s establishment, as per the category of transferred officials.
Para 2.I.(vi)
Not allowing transfers from one cadre to another cadre
Since many PAs are deputed as OAs at circle office/regional office, PA to OA at Regional office/Circle office vice versa transfers may kindly be allowed while recruitment timings. PA to SBCO/RMS transfers vice versa may also kindly be allowed after attending such SBCO/RMS trainings at PTC at transferring official’s own cost and after 5 years’ service in parental cadre.
Mandating minimum service/probation period completion for applying one way/mutual transfers
Directorate considered to remove such provision to apply transfers without any prescribed service/probationary period.
This association hearty welcome and   appreciate department’s such consideration. Officials may kindly be allowed to apply for transfer without such service/probationary period and after such transfers, those officials probationary period may kindly be completed at any division as per their APARs.
Mandating the directorate’s approval for inter-circle transfers
Directorate considered to amend such provision to approve inter-circle transfers by concerned CPMGs itself.
This association hearty welcome and   appreciate department’s such suggestion. It may speed-up the inter-circle transfer requests.
Mandatory of maintaining the manual register to record such transfer requests.
This association came to know that because of manual registers, many senior officials are not communicated regarding their transfer request seniority and sometimes, to favor some officials, junior transfer requests were considered early by bypassing the seniority. So this association firmly requests to publish/update the transfer request seniority list every month in concerned circle office website after consolidating divisional/regional wise transfer requests.  In CSI online module, one link may kindly be added to convey official’s mutual transfer willing places and to following one way transfer seniority too.
Transfers can be allowed only twice during his entire service
Directorate considered to deletion of such provision to allow the transfer requests without any limitations.
This association hearty welcome and   appreciate department’s such suggestion.

2.II (i to ix)
Inspector cadre officials
This association request to extend all such above directorate’s considerations / amendments along with this service association requests to the Inspector cadre officials also for their peaceful service in their IP/ASP career.
Circle cadreslike LSG/PM cadre line transfer requests must be finalized and conveyed to the regional PMGs by 15th of March every year to consider such transfer request during next F.Y rotational transfer
Such circle cadres like PM cadre/LSG officers, transfer requests are not considered at many circles during the next F.Y rotational transfers.
So this association request to publish such transfers also circle office-official website and circles may kindly be instructed to to effect such LSG/PM cadre official’s transfer requests during the next F.Y rotational transfers without fail.
Posting/ Transfer of women employees
In addition to amenities, as per the spouse working station, women employees transfer requests may kindly be considered on priority basis.

        4. All other entries are hold good in the existing transfer policy.

5. This association once again request to publish the Rule 38 one way - transfer seniority in the concerned circle office - official website. For Rule 38 - Mutual transfer, willing places of various employees may kindly be recorded in an official public domain to know by other officials. Both make the transfer process ease and transparency. Circle cadres like Postmaster cadre/LSG line officer’s transfer requests may kindly be considered during the next R.T as per the existing provisions without fail.

        6. Physically challenged persons and as well as Spouse category (irrespective of the same department) transfer requests may kindly be considered on priority basis and sympathetically to the welfare of the family and children.

        7. This association once again congratulating such consideration of the directorate to remove some barriers during transfer requests and in addition to such consideration this association suggestions may also kindly be incorporated with the new transfer policy of our esteemed department.

        Thanking you.

                Yours faithfully,

Copy to,
        Shri. G.Rajeev, Director (SPN), Dak Bhawan, Sansad marg, New Delhi 110001, suggestions/comments were submitted as required, for your kind information and to incorporate the above suggestion of this service association also in the upcoming transfer policy of our department.

Directorate proposed transfer policy suggestion letter is produced below:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Request to remit the quota immediately to CHQ and concerned Circle Secretaries!!!

CHQ Quota to all Circles:

   As per the AIAPS constitution, All divisional secretaries are requested to send 20% CHQ quota up to March 2017 to CHQ POSB CBS account number 0369126908 Account holder name : Manoj Abodh, SOL: Noida.

   While remitting the CHQ quota pl mention the division/branch name in the remarks column without fail. Pl keep the counter foil portion for audit records

Circle Quota of Tamilnadu Circle :

One more New Postal Training centre was inaugurated at Guwahati, Assam,

Release of Special cover on Inauguration of Postal Training Centre by Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications (Independent Charge) at Guwahati , Assam.