Thursday, February 8, 2018

One serious thing happening around PM cadre friends...

1. In the AIAPC blog they have stated that they are started to file the court cases one by one for postmaster cadre grievances.

2. Without knowing the stand of the department, filing the court cases for again and again for various issues will seriously spoil our cadre and stop all the PM cadre related  progress by mentioning that case is pending and subjudice.

3. First we have to know the stand of the department, second if the department is denied anything then only we have to approach the court.

4. It is pertinent to mention here that during the visit of AIAPS at directorate, some sections stopped the discussion with us by mentioning that u PM cadre people were filed  court cases so we cannot even discuss those subjudice matters  here  and directed to deal with court there after filed the cases.

5. It is worthless to say here that their first case is still pending from 2015. If all other PM cadre progress are stopped for further 3 years then history won't forgive them.

6. First you people know the stand of the department. AIAPS is filed the case to pull out the stand of the department for all the issues in single stroke.

7. If anything is denied after discussing with the members and CHQ we will file the case if permission was given by all the members.

8. For such denied things for the process of 5 to 10 members attempt of AIAPC, we too ready to support by financially and morally.

9. Without discussion with all PM cadre members, without knowing the stand of the department without denied by the department, filing the court cases one by one to show off, is like a suicide.

10. So all are please think and withdraw all the cases except AIAPC recognition case, and without the discussion with all members pl do not file the court cases for anything in future.

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